Commercial & Residential Structural Engineering in Scio, OR

Rodgers Mountain Consultants, LLC is proud to put over 50 years of engineering expertise to work for both residential and commercial clients throughout Oregon and the surrounding region. We have an extensive portfolio of successful projects of all sizes, from individual home structural engineering to large-scale industrial building design. We’re ready to apply our decades of experience as commercial and residential structural engineers to your project.

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Residential & Commercial

Our inspection capabilities as commercial structural engineers include access platforms, equipment supports and foundations, lateral force analysis and more.

Residential Structural Engineering

As the experts in home structural engineering in Oregon, we’re licensed to inspect all homes, including light-framed residences. We provide expert advice on a variety of challenges you may face, whether you’re building a home or you’re dealing with structural settling or environmental concerns. We can evaluate soil movement, damage from weather or other natural causes.

Clients throughout Oregon rely on our expertise as residential structural engineers for both FHA and HUD inspections, making sure you comply with all requirements. We also provide assistance for architects and designers in the construction of new homes, to ensure they’re sound and rated for seismic activity, per Oregon and Washington building codes.

Commercial Structural Engineering

We’re the trusted experts in commercial structural engineering throughout the state of Oregon. Our commercial building design and inspection services span every type of structure, from light-framed commercial to industrial. We’re familiar with all relevant codes, including ACI, AISC, ANSI, ASCE, IBC, NDS and UBC codes.

With over 50 years of experience in industrial building design, our commercial structural engineers have overseen structural steel and reinforced concrete design for both heavy and light industry, in both the public and private sector. We’ve also worked on a variety of civil design projects, including road design, site grading and storm drainage.

Comprehensive Engineering Services

Rodgers Mountain Consultants, LLC has a half-century of experience providing expert engineering for both residential and commercial clients throughout Oregon and Washington, including Scio, Eugene, Portland, and Albany, OR. Whether you need an inspection or insightful commercial building design expertise, contact us today at 503-394-3954.